Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Japanese Repetitive Words

Hello folks.
This blog about Japanese has the fewest posts. lol That's because I make VIDEOS on Youtube, and that's more efficient to talk about Japanese.


Today's about Japanese words, particularly adjectives that have a combination of the same word.

Just to give you an idea of the kib of words I mean, one word is ベタベタ. It is used to describe the condition of....like when you used glue and it's left on your hands. It's ベタベタ. If something on your hands (not necessarily hands but also body, feet, face, etc.) is oily, it's ヌルヌル.

It's totally onomatopoeiatic words, so you have almost no clue as to know what they mean but by sense or memorizing everything can you know what they mean.

Also, it seems they are written with katakana, not hiragana, but you can still write them with hiragana. The only difference when you write them in hitagana/kanakana is how the word "feels." Hiragana and katakana give different sense. ぬるぬる and ヌルヌル feel different to me, if not completely.

Okay now, here are lists of words with brief sense.

ポタポタ (potapota: like a drop of water dropping).
アツアツ (atsuatsu: very hot, or couples that are excessively showing their love to each other).
もたもた (motamota: someone/thing is being lazy, especially when in hurry, like when you are preparing and it's taking time).
どろどろ (dolodolo: sticky, like mud moving slow on a surface of something).
ビショビショ (bishobisho: soaking wet).
クルクル (kulukulu: curved, like wavey/curly hair).
ピカピカ (pikapika: shiny, glittering, like a new car).
プンプン (punpun: smell is reaching far, or someone is very angry).
and so on.

Got them? haha


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